New Climate-Neutral Sneaker Made From Coffee Waste

Finnish startup Rens Original successfully funded its first sneakers made from coffee waste and recycled plastic water bottles via a Kickstarter campaign. Today, the company announced it will be launching a second Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming climate-neutral sneaker.

The shoe is called NOMAD, and the company used feedback from its customers to design it. Climate neutral refers to reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions by reducing emissions released. The remaining emissions are offset through certain practices and projects. Rens aims to be climate neutral in every step of creating its sneaker, and will work with Climate Partner to achieve this.

NOMAD will use coffee waste and other undisclosed waste-free and low-impact materials. Rens’ first sneaker used 21 cups of coffee waste and six bottles of recycled plastic per pair. NOMAD will use coffee waste and other undisclosed waste-free and low-impact materials. The upcoming sneaker will be waterproof and designed for activities like hiking, walking, and trail running.

It is estimated that the fashion industry emits 10 percent of humanity’s carbon emissions. On top of this, sneakers are made from problematic materials like synthetic rubber, nylon, and plastic. If sneakers are thrown out and taken to a landfill, these materials take a long time to decompose.

Rens Orignal is not the only company trying to target both the issues of the fashion industry and food waste. MoEa recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its sneakers that will be made from grape, pineapple, corn, cactus, and apple waste. At the beginning of this year, Adidas shared that it would be using mycelium leather from Bolt Threads to make shoes.

For its first Kickstarter, Rens raised over $500 million USD, and this time around it aims to double this with a goal of raising $1 million USD.

Website Link (Article by Ashlen Wilder)


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