The world is banking on giant carbon-sucking fans to clean our climate mess

Website Link (Article by Ivana Kottasová) The windswept valleys surrounding the Hengill volcano in southwestern Iceland are dotted with hot springs and steam vents. Hikers from all over the world come here to witness its breath-taking scenery. Even the sheep are photogenic in the soft Nordic light. Right in the middle of all that natural beauty sitsContinue reading “The world is banking on giant carbon-sucking fans to clean our climate mess”

How 3D printing could help save Hong Kong’s coral

Website Link (Article by Rebecca Cairns) With a reputation as a concrete jungle, few know that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most biodiverse cities and boasts more hard coral species than the Caribbean. But these corals are under threat from pollution and rapid urban development. Co-founded in 2020 by marine biology professor David Baker and PhD student VrikoContinue reading “How 3D printing could help save Hong Kong’s coral”

How The Japanese Make Sashimi Safe To Eat

Website Link (Article by Sandman) Have you ever wondered how the Japanese prepare sashimi to make it safe to eat? Sashimi (means pierced body) is a very popular dish in Japan. This dish consists of thinly sliced raw fish served on ice with garnishes such as seaweed, daikon radish, red water pepper sprouts, and herbs.Continue reading “How The Japanese Make Sashimi Safe To Eat”

Opinion: Agri-food industry can play key role in curbing world hunger

Website Link (Article by Leo den Hartog, Jose Villalon) At this time last year, 135 million people across the globe were suffering from acute hunger. But with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this number was projected to double to over a quarter of a billion people across the world. A new report on food security, published by the United Nations this month, hasContinue reading “Opinion: Agri-food industry can play key role in curbing world hunger”

Entrepreneurship and Disability: Scaling from Self-Employment to Small Business Ownership

Article by Ed Carter People with disabilities are nearly twice as likely to be self-employed than the non-disabled population. The motivations for self-employment are varied and complex: Most self-employed people with a disability cite increased income as the primary motive for starting a business according to a recent review published in Disability & Society. TheContinue reading “Entrepreneurship and Disability: Scaling from Self-Employment to Small Business Ownership”

New Climate-Neutral Sneaker Made From Coffee Waste

Finnish startup Rens Original successfully funded its first sneakers made from coffee waste and recycled plastic water bottles via a Kickstarter campaign. Today, the company announced it will be launching a second Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming climate-neutral sneaker. The shoe is called NOMAD, and the company used feedback from its customers to design it. Climate neutral refers to reachingContinue reading “New Climate-Neutral Sneaker Made From Coffee Waste”

Water Activity (aw) And Food Safety

Water activity (aw) is one of the few important parameters that dictate the shelf life stability of food—a food safety concern. But before we get to that, let’s define first what water activity is. More often, students think water activity and moisture content are the same thing. Well, they are not. Moisture content refers toContinue reading “Water Activity (aw) And Food Safety”

Fortified Vs Enriched: What’s The Difference?

The terms “fortified” and enriched” are very common labeling terms when talking about nutrients. They are usually read on labels of food products such as breakfast cereals, fruit juices, baked goods, and dairy products. Some people believe they are the same thing. Well, kind of— they both mean the addition of nutrients in food. ButContinue reading “Fortified Vs Enriched: What’s The Difference?”

Best Before Date Vs Expiry Date: How Do Manufacturers Figure These Out?

Best before date and expiry date, aside from the manufacturing date are important date label information on food products. The practice of putting these essential information started a long time ago. But even if this is the case, a lot of consumers are still confused between best the before date and the expiry date; theyContinue reading “Best Before Date Vs Expiry Date: How Do Manufacturers Figure These Out?”

Food-waste valorization: opportunities and cautions

The food waste problem Globally, up to 40% of food gets lost along the entire food supply chain. This shocking huge number results from the production to consumption of food that is discarded, lost, degraded, or consumed by pests. Especially in the food industry, a large and worrying load of waste is generated every dayContinue reading “Food-waste valorization: opportunities and cautions”