How You Can Tweak Your Current Lifestyle Now To Incorporate Top Healthy Habits

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, stressed out, or simply not at the top of your game, you may be looking for easy ways to improve your lifestyle for better health. Fortunately, you don’t need to overhaul your current lifestyle – simply making some targeted tweaks and incorporating key habits can help. Whether you work outdoorsContinue reading “How You Can Tweak Your Current Lifestyle Now To Incorporate Top Healthy Habits”

Health Benefits Of Corn – How To Use It – Cereals

BenefitsHeart health, Eye health, Immune support, Skin health, Pregnant period, Digestive health. ApplicationCorn is one of the plants that is widely consumed around the world, and it is consumed in multiple ways, including grilled, cooked, and boiled, and many fresh and healthy dishes and soups are prepared from corn, and the starch powder is extracted,Continue reading “Health Benefits Of Corn – How To Use It – Cereals”

Look after your gut and your gut will look after you

“It’s that time of year again, with Christmas parties, end-of-year get-togethers and holiday catch-ups on the horizon for many of us — all Covid-safe, of course. All that party food and takeaway, however, can have consequences for your gut health. Gut health matters. Your gut is a crucial part your immune system. In fact, 70Continue reading “Look after your gut and your gut will look after you”

E-commerce emerges as trend of the year

“Industry innovations and consumer acceptance of new technology are surging because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). One area that has seen dramatic changes is online, with one market researcher saying the pandemic has pushed e-commerce five years into the future. The sales figures experienced by retailers such as Walmart Inc., Target Corp. and, Inc. duringContinue reading “E-commerce emerges as trend of the year”

The Science Behind the Perfect Cutout Cookie

“The perfect cutout cookie is a light golden brown with sharp edges. It should retain its shape and not spread beyond recognition. The icing on top should cover the surface without flowing over and should have a glossy sheen. Not only should the cookie look good, but it also has to taste good. In thisContinue reading “The Science Behind the Perfect Cutout Cookie”

Food Safety at Christmas

“The Christmas season is probably the most active month of the year for food. There are gatherings, parties, and feasts everywhere. This is supposed to be a celebration of the family, and friends. However, there is always the risk of attracting the uninvited—the harmful bacteria or pathogens that cause food-poisoning. As a matter of fact,Continue reading “Food Safety at Christmas”

Management Skills You Need to Be a Laboratory Manager

“Whether you’ve recently been promoted to lab manager or the position is one you’re considering, there’s a high chance the role may require skills and proficiencies you hadn’t even contemplated. Of course, a major part of the job is facilitating new discoveries and undertaking exciting research, but the work doesn’t end there. Take a lookContinue reading “Management Skills You Need to Be a Laboratory Manager”


It is still possible, but we need to apply some creativity to our planning process and tools. We need a process that will allow us to plan for immediate, short term futures but preserves medium and long-term planning opportunities. Obviously, taking months or weeks, or even days to generate a strategic foresight plan is unworkableContinue reading “FOOD’S FUTURE – HOW CAN YOU PLAN DURING A PANDEMIC?”

What’s inside natural flavors?

“A recent survey from FONA International, Inc., Geneva, Ill., found 89% of consumers believe the term “natural flavors” qualifies as clean label. However, the ambiguous descriptor has come under scrutiny as more consumers question how food ingredients are processed. Natural flavor or flavoring means “the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, orContinue reading “What’s inside natural flavors?”

‘World’s first’ digital sandwich: How next-gen tech is tracing every ingredient in, and between, the bread

“An loT, blockchain, and AI-powered digital good supply chain platform is being developed to boost the traceability of ingredients in pre-packaged sandwiches. It is estimated consumers spend more than £8bn per year and the sandwich market continues to grow by over 4% per year. Running alongside this trend is increased consumer concern for food safety.Continue reading “‘World’s first’ digital sandwich: How next-gen tech is tracing every ingredient in, and between, the bread”