Metal oxide nanoparticles for safe active and intelligent food packaging

Highlights •Easy to fabricate, safe and cost-effective nanomaterials for food smart packaging. •Antimicrobial biomaterials for food packaging are developed from metal oxide nanoparticles. •Oxygen and ethylene molecules from the headspace of food packaging are absorbed. •The safety of packaging material is evaluated on human cells, intestinal barrier, and microbiota. •Packaging for indicating food quality areContinue reading “Metal oxide nanoparticles for safe active and intelligent food packaging”

Increasing the shelf-life with innovative MOF packaging

“Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are hybrid materials with high porosity and tunable physical and chemical properties. Due to their properties, MOFs are utilized for different purposes in the food industry. Moreover, these materials display good biocompatibility and have not shown adverse reactions during testing. The incorporation of MOFs into packaging materials can provide antimicrobial properties. ForContinue reading “Increasing the shelf-life with innovative MOF packaging”

Natural sticker to make fruit last longer, in an effort to reduce food waste

In the US, over half of fresh fruit and vegetables go to waste. But a new invention claims to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit. A simple sticker can add an extra 14 days of freshness, says StixFresh. Using natural plant compounds, the sticker creates a protective layer, slowing the ripening process. The companyContinue reading “Natural sticker to make fruit last longer, in an effort to reduce food waste”

Antimicrobial Packaging on the Rise Again

Pathogens such as Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella, as well as yeasts and molds, are major concerns and often define food shelf life. Antimicrobial packaging can be used to control microbial growth in packaged food, and given consumer interest in food with fewer preservatives, interest in its use is growing. Antimicrobial packaging is the deliberate incorporationContinue reading “Antimicrobial Packaging on the Rise Again”