Layered fermentation: Muri draws on kvass and kombucha to create a complex wine alternative

Matching the complexity of wine’s flavors and aromas poses a sizeable challenge for low and no alcohol alternatives. But Muri – a range of NoLo wine alternatives launching in the UK – is drawing on fermentation techniques from kvass and kombucha to offer the depth of flavor and mouthfeel required. The brand launched in CopenhagenContinue reading “Layered fermentation: Muri draws on kvass and kombucha to create a complex wine alternative”

Navigating the Caffeine Shortage – Opportunity From Adversity

The beverage industry is currently experiencing a significant caffeine shortage. It can be challenging to fully comprehend how much caffeine influences beverages. Countless everyday products like sodas, cold brews, teas, energy drinks, water enhancers, sports drinks, powders, and even kombucha are fortified with added caffeine. For decades, this ingredient came cheaply and easily from China.Continue reading “Navigating the Caffeine Shortage – Opportunity From Adversity”

Zero-proof drinks movement spurs botanicals usage

As last year’s sober-curious, zero-proof alcohol movement took off, with some consumers seeking to cut down their alcohol consumption, global ingredient supplier Kerry experienced a surge in demand for its Botanical Collection ZERO portfolio of distillate, ethanol-free botanical extracts. According to Kerry, the global low- to no-alcohol market registered a 41% sales increase over theContinue reading “Zero-proof drinks movement spurs botanicals usage”

Packed non-alcoholic beverages: Ingredients, production, trends and future opportunities for functional product development review

Highlights •Consumer trends shifted from sugary formulations to functional beverages as proactive wellness and healthcare actions.•Non-alcoholic beverages are convenient delivery systems for functional ingredients.•Consumers will look for functional products improving mood and boosting brain health more in the future.•Cannabidiol, adaptogens, nootropics and allergen-free plant proteins are expected to be future functional ingredients.•Innovative functional beverage developmentContinue reading “Packed non-alcoholic beverages: Ingredients, production, trends and future opportunities for functional product development review”

A New Era for functional beverages

“Sixty-five percent of functional beverage consumers are more worried about their health since the start of COVID-19, says new research. A whitepaper released by UK taste and nutrition company Kerry Taste & Nutrition has examined the key health priorities that will drive the functional beverage market this year and beyond. According to the whitepaper, whenContinue reading “A New Era for functional beverages”

Making a Splash With No- and Low-Alcohol Beverages

“As health-conscious consumers seek refreshing, flavorful, and satisfying alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages, no- and low-alcohol beers, spirits, and mocktails are gaining popularity, spurred by innovations in flavor, function, and variety. Alcoholic beverages have played a starring role in social interactions since the beginning of human history, helping to cement friendships, celebrate life’s milestones, andContinue reading “Making a Splash With No- and Low-Alcohol Beverages”

Israeli startup scaling sugar-reduction technology

“Better Juice’s enzymatic technology reduces sugar content in orange juices. It uses natural ingredients to convert fructose, glucose and sucrose into prebiotic dietary fibers and other non-digestible molecules. The result is a low-calorie, reduced-sugar product that has the same nutritional values and sweetness of orange juice without the use of sweeteners or other additives toContinue reading “Israeli startup scaling sugar-reduction technology”