Designing cleaner meat alternatives

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) The plant-based meat alternative category gushes with sales. Demand for products perceived as clean label remains a steady and strong stream. For the two trends to converge, food companies may seek to eliminate certain chemical-sounding ingredients like methylcellulose and whittle down the ingredient list by finding ways to avoidContinue reading “Designing cleaner meat alternatives”

Removing the forever chemicals from packaging

To keep hot water and greases from leaking through fiber-board containers, PFAS chemicals have been used, but the FDA has recommended the phase-out of all PFAS chemicals for food contact. Therefore, Solenis, a global supplier of specialty chemicals, and Zume, a provider of non-plastic containers and packaging, have created an open-source project to eliminate PFASContinue reading “Removing the forever chemicals from packaging”

Buzzing on sustainability: Half of all coffee launches carry ethical or environmental claim

In 2020, 48% of coffee launches made at least one sustainable claim, according to Mintel Global New Products Database. According to market insight firm Mintel, consumers around the globe are ‘drinking coffee with a conscience’. The company’s Global New Product Database (GNPD) has revealed that of all new coffee product launches around the world inContinue reading “Buzzing on sustainability: Half of all coffee launches carry ethical or environmental claim”

Advanced safety testing and analysis supports the development of clean label grain-based innovation

For today’s increasingly health-conscious consumers, what goes into the food they buy is more important than ever, driving the demand for shorter, more natural and less tongue-twisting ingredient lists. In turn, new and fresh grain-based snack and bakery products based on clean label principles are becoming more popular. Shoppers may be demanding cleaner food labels,Continue reading “Advanced safety testing and analysis supports the development of clean label grain-based innovation”

The state of natural and organic

The dramatic shift to eating more meals at home and surging consumer interest in healthier products is fueling strong growth in natural and organic foods. Food and beverage accounted for 39% of the wider natural products industry’s growth in 2020, with sales in the natural segment growing 9.8% and sales in the specialty and wellnessContinue reading “The state of natural and organic”

Why go clean label in the baking industry?

According to equipment specialist Mecatherm, the answer is two-fold as it not only satisfies consumer demand, but also an industrial sustainability challenge that presents new marketing opportunities. Industrial bakers have grasped it completely with the number of products with ‘natural’ claims increasing and representing 34% of NPD launched last year in Europe. Bakery lines fromContinue reading “Why go clean label in the baking industry?”

Navigating the Caffeine Shortage – Opportunity From Adversity

The beverage industry is currently experiencing a significant caffeine shortage. It can be challenging to fully comprehend how much caffeine influences beverages. Countless everyday products like sodas, cold brews, teas, energy drinks, water enhancers, sports drinks, powders, and even kombucha are fortified with added caffeine. For decades, this ingredient came cheaply and easily from China.Continue reading “Navigating the Caffeine Shortage – Opportunity From Adversity”