Insect protein as beneficial as milk protein

Researchers in Denmark say mealworm protein and milk protein have the same performance on digestion, absorption, and on the ability to stimulate muscle production. Insects have attracted significant interest as an alternative source of dietary protein. Not only do they contain essential amino acids and trace minerals and vitamins, but insects have strong sustainability credentials.Continue reading “Insect protein as beneficial as milk protein”

All about Lactose Intolerance

Do you think you are intolerant to lactose? If you do, you are not alone. In fact, there are more people who experience this digestive disorder than those who do not. It is said that around 70% of the world’s population are experiencing intolerance to lactose. That is around 5 billion people! Anyway, what exactly isContinue reading “All about Lactose Intolerance”

Fungi protein is starting to enter the plant-based meat market

“The plant-based protein market has two new contenders with the launch of the first products from food-tech startup Nature’s Fynd: dairy-free cream cheese and meatless breakfast patties, both made from a fungi protein with roots in Yellowstone National Park’s volcanic springs. The fungi-protein derived from a microbe called Fusarium strain flavolapis was discovered on a research tripContinue reading “Fungi protein is starting to enter the plant-based meat market”

Microbial Innovation Trends – Patents Review

“Microbes are used by food companies for a variety of functions – from improved process efficacy to shelf-life and flavor development. But an examination of patent filings over the last 20 years shows the food industry is prioritizing one area above all others – gut health. “The microbes present in our digestive system, forming theContinue reading “Microbial Innovation Trends – Patents Review”

Whey’s role in healthy aging

“Whey protein is widely associated with sports nutrition products because of its taste and amino acid profile. Yet food and beverage formulators may consider whey protein for other applications as well, including those promoting anti-aging and immunity benefits. “This is a major growth area due to population aging, which is particularly rapid in the Asia-PacificContinue reading “Whey’s role in healthy aging”

“A greener future for the dairy industry” -UV tech for safe and sustainable pastuerisation

Danish food tech start-up Lyras has developed a pasteurisation technology that it says has a lower environmental impact than traditional pastuerisation while also cutting food waste and delivering on safety and nutrition. The innovative technology is based on ultraviolet light, which it uses to remove bacteria in products like milk without heat treatment. “We haveContinue reading ““A greener future for the dairy industry” -UV tech for safe and sustainable pastuerisation”