6 Packaging Reductions That Don’t Increase Food Waste

Website Link (Article by Claire Sand) Packaging reductions that do not create additional food waste equals more environmentally friendly food packaging. The desire to reduce packaging remains strong, and three motivating factors can prompt the packaging industry to take additional action for sustainability. Laws Legislation such as the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, which goesContinue reading “6 Packaging Reductions That Don’t Increase Food Waste”

Commercialization of next-generation biomaterials

Website Link (Article by Rachel Arthur) The Coca-Cola Company, Changchun Meihe Science & Technology and UPM have announced the first planned commercialization of new tech to create plant-based monoethylene glycol (bMEG): which can replace traditional oil-based MEG in PET bottles. The tech will allow the companies to efficiently convert second-generation biomass to the plant-based bMEG:Continue reading “Commercialization of next-generation biomaterials”

The world is banking on giant carbon-sucking fans to clean our climate mess

Website Link (Article by Ivana Kottasová) The windswept valleys surrounding the Hengill volcano in southwestern Iceland are dotted with hot springs and steam vents. Hikers from all over the world come here to witness its breath-taking scenery. Even the sheep are photogenic in the soft Nordic light. Right in the middle of all that natural beauty sitsContinue reading “The world is banking on giant carbon-sucking fans to clean our climate mess”

How 3D printing could help save Hong Kong’s coral

Website Link (Article by Rebecca Cairns) With a reputation as a concrete jungle, few know that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most biodiverse cities and boasts more hard coral species than the Caribbean. But these corals are under threat from pollution and rapid urban development. Co-founded in 2020 by marine biology professor David Baker and PhD student VrikoContinue reading “How 3D printing could help save Hong Kong’s coral”