Eating foods high in flavonoids could slow down cognitive decline

Eating a plate full of colorful foods like strawberries and peppers, which include flavonoids, could slow your cognitive decline, a new study found. People who ate about 600 milligrams (0.02 ounces) of flavonoids per day had a 20% lower risk of cognitive decline than those who ate only 150 milligrams (0.005 ounces) per day, according to the studyContinue reading “Eating foods high in flavonoids could slow down cognitive decline”

Novel tech could be used to wash produce, finds study

“Streams of water carrying sound and microscopic air bubbles can remove microbial contaminants from spinach leaves, according to a study. Scientists used acoustic water streams to clean spinach leaves sourced from a field crop, then compared results with leaves rinsed in plain water at the same velocity. Salad and leafy green vegetables may be contaminatedContinue reading “Novel tech could be used to wash produce, finds study”

Enzymatic Browning: Advancements in the Food Industry

“The brown color is formed as a result of an enzymatic reaction, primarily driven by a group of enzymes called polyphenol oxidases (PPOs). These are endogenous native enzymes in plant tissues which are found all over the vegetal kingdom. PPOs have a special capacity of catalyzing the oxidation of phenols in the presence of oxygen.Continue reading “Enzymatic Browning: Advancements in the Food Industry”