Outlook 2023: Consumer Trends

Website Link (Article by Elizabeth Brewster) If you’re looking for the main driving force behind the latest trends in consumer behavior, look no further than that timeworn cliché from the 1990s: “It’s the economy, stupid.” As global consumers settle into a new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than two-thirds (67%), onContinue reading “Outlook 2023: Consumer Trends”

Study links nut consumption to improved cognitive function

Website Link (Article by Nikki Hancocks) Higher habitual nut consumption is positively associated with cognitive function, especially among old adults, according to an observational study of 1,000 Qatari adults. Globally, cognitive impairments including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, have become a major concern. The total number of people with dementia has increased from 20.2 million in 1990Continue reading “Study links nut consumption to improved cognitive function”

ADM eyes eight emerging trends

Website Link (Article by Eric Schroeder) Plant-based lifestyles, clean and transparent sourcing, and sustainable goodness are among the eight trends ADM sees fueling current and future global growth. Drawing on research from its Outside Voice consumer insights platform, the company’s top trends for 2022 point the way for ADM’s innovation, renovation and development platforms, theContinue reading “ADM eyes eight emerging trends”

Stability and stabilization of omega-3 oils: A review

Website Link (Article by Wang et. al. 2021) Highlights Traditional technologies provide significant stabilization approaches to omega-3 oils Blending, randomization and enzyme-catalyzed conversion have been used to produce omega-3 phenolipids Omega-3 phenolic antioxidant produced from structural modifications can be promoted as nutraceuticals Emulsion and encapsulation, especially those involving micro/nano-technologies should be promoted to protect omega-3Continue reading “Stability and stabilization of omega-3 oils: A review”

Carob: A ‘super-nutritious, highly sustainable hidden gem’?

Website Link (Article by Katy Askew) Food and ag tech start-up CarobWay is working to help grow the market for carob as a ‘super-nutritious’ and ‘highly sustainable’ food ingredient. Carob is forecast to make a comeback, according to a recent report from food trends AI company Spoonshot​.  The fruit is expected to step out of theContinue reading “Carob: A ‘super-nutritious, highly sustainable hidden gem’?”

Sunflower protein has significant prospects in Africa

The company Agric S. A., which is a subsidiary of the international group of companies YUG RUSI, will take part in the international exhibition “Food ingredients Africa”. The largest specialized exhibition in the region will be held in Cairo (Egypt) from 02 to 04 August 2021 and will bring together thousands of professionals. The companyContinue reading “Sunflower protein has significant prospects in Africa”

Parents seek immunity-boosting, budget-friendly & convenient foods for kids heading back to school

Grocery retailers and packaged food and beverage brands should brace for another significant shift in consumer shopping habits this month as many families with students returning to in-person school after a year or more of distance or hybrid learning look for more on-the-go, budget-conscious and immune-boosting breakfast and lunch solutions, according to one grocery storeContinue reading “Parents seek immunity-boosting, budget-friendly & convenient foods for kids heading back to school”

Study reveals the multifaceted benefits of prebiotic snacks fortified with sustainable sources of fibre

Mondelez has partly funded a study to investigate the complex relationship between the diet, microbiota and individual health with a view to developing prebiotic snacks. The concept of fortifying what are often regarded ‘unhealthy’ snacks – such as potato chips and cookies – with fibre is certainly the next step in the journey towards healthierContinue reading “Study reveals the multifaceted benefits of prebiotic snacks fortified with sustainable sources of fibre”

Bovine colostrum sales set to soar amongst sports nutrition boom

The global bovine colostrum market will expand at about 6.4% CAGR over the next six years to gain revenues of around €3.6bn ($4.3 bn) by the end of 2027, according to analysts from Transparency Market Research (TMR). Bovine colostrum refers to milk produced by cows during initial few days after birthing. The product is gainingContinue reading “Bovine colostrum sales set to soar amongst sports nutrition boom”

Beyond immunity: What ‘superpowers’ do today’s consumers want from their beverages?

The pandemic has propelled immunity to the top of the functional beverage agenda. But that doesn’t mean interest in other functional beverages has disappeared. We ask the experts what trends are bubbling away beneath the pandemic headlines – and will become all the more important to everyday heros in the coming years. For Niki Kennedy,Continue reading “Beyond immunity: What ‘superpowers’ do today’s consumers want from their beverages?”