Good Food Institute Sees Fourth Pillar For Alt Protein Market in the Form of Molecular Farming

Website Link (Article by Michael Wolf) Over the past few years, the Good Food Institute (GFI) has created dedicated reports for each category, or “pillar,” in the alternative protein market: plant-based, precision fermentation, and cultivated meat/seafood. This week, however, GFI teased what it sees as a possible fourth pillar for alternative protein pillar in the formContinue reading “Good Food Institute Sees Fourth Pillar For Alt Protein Market in the Form of Molecular Farming”

Outlook 2023: Consumer Trends

Website Link (Article by Elizabeth Brewster) If you’re looking for the main driving force behind the latest trends in consumer behavior, look no further than that timeworn cliché from the 1990s: “It’s the economy, stupid.” As global consumers settle into a new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than two-thirds (67%), onContinue reading “Outlook 2023: Consumer Trends”

Trending plant proteins

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) Surging, emerging and flourishing all could describe the plant protein category. Pea protein continues to increase in popularity and may keep surging for the rest of this decade. Other protein sources, like lupin bean, are emerging, and plant protein sales in general are flourishing. Selecting the appropriate protein sourceContinue reading “Trending plant proteins”

World’s first waxed vegan cheese wheels launch in Netherlands

Website Link (Article by Ingredientsnetwork) A Netherlands-based cheesemaker called Max&Bien debuted the world’s first vegan cheese wheel coated in paraffin wax to emulate traditional-style Dutch cheeses. This vegan cheese comes in 1.2-kilogram wheels for cheese and delicatessen stores as well as 150-gram mini-wheels. The cheese itself is made from fermented wheat and comes in threeContinue reading “World’s first waxed vegan cheese wheels launch in Netherlands”

Growing Animal-free Scaffolds for Cell-Cultured Meat

Website Link (Article by Camille Bond) It’s one thing to grow an amorphous blob of muscle or fat cells in a bioreactor—and another thing to recreate the structure of animal tissue. In order to make a complex product like a steak or a salmon fillet, cell-cultured meat producers need to provide their stem cells withContinue reading “Growing Animal-free Scaffolds for Cell-Cultured Meat”

Five Reasons Why Tiger Nut Flour Is The Trendiest Alternative Flour

Website Link (Article by Daphne Ewing-Chow) Tiger nut (or chufa nut) flour, which is ground from tubers that grow on the yellow nutsedge plant, is gaining popularity globally as the perfect substitute for wheat flour, given its gluten-free properties, its status as a super food and its natural sweet taste. The flour, which is madeContinue reading “Five Reasons Why Tiger Nut Flour Is The Trendiest Alternative Flour”

Opinion: Agri-food industry can play key role in curbing world hunger

Website Link (Article by Leo den Hartog, Jose Villalon) At this time last year, 135 million people across the globe were suffering from acute hunger. But with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this number was projected to double to over a quarter of a billion people across the world. A new report on food security, published by the United Nations this month, hasContinue reading “Opinion: Agri-food industry can play key role in curbing world hunger”

Rational design of hyperstable antibacterial peptides for food preservation

Website Link (Journal by Vishweshwaraiah et. al.) Abstract We describe the design of peptides with properties like thermostability, pH stability, and antibacterial activity against a few bacterial food pathogens. Insights obtained from classical structure-function analysis of natural peptides and their mutants through antimicrobial and enzymatic assays are used to rationally develop a set of peptides.Continue reading “Rational design of hyperstable antibacterial peptides for food preservation”

Lab-grown proteins begin to impact meat, dairy categories

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) Meat and dairy products in recent years have battled plant-based alternatives for consumer dollars. Now, another competitor looms. “Major disruption is coming to protein ingredients,” said Stephanie Mattucci, associate director, global food science for Mintel. “Clean meat or lab-grown meat is expected to disrupt both the meat industry andContinue reading “Lab-grown proteins begin to impact meat, dairy categories”

Electrohydrodynamic processing of natural polymers for active food packaging: A comprehensive review

Abstract The active packaging materials fabricated using natural polymers is increasing in recent years. Electrohydrodynamic processing has drawn attention in active food packaging due to its potential in fabricating materials with advanced structural and functional properties. These materials have the significant capability in enhancing food’s quality, safety, and shelf-life. Through electrospinning and electrospray, fibers andContinue reading “Electrohydrodynamic processing of natural polymers for active food packaging: A comprehensive review”