How Indoor Farming Reduces Food Waste

Website Link (Article by Ashlen Wilder) When The Spoon last wrote about Crop One in 2018, the company had just announced that they were building the largest indoor hydroponic farm in the world. The farm, based in Dubai, is set to be 300,000 square feet, three stories high, and capable of producing up to 6,000 pounds of food aContinue reading “How Indoor Farming Reduces Food Waste”

Designing cleaner meat alternatives

Website Link (Article by Jeff Gelski) The plant-based meat alternative category gushes with sales. Demand for products perceived as clean label remains a steady and strong stream. For the two trends to converge, food companies may seek to eliminate certain chemical-sounding ingredients like methylcellulose and whittle down the ingredient list by finding ways to avoidContinue reading “Designing cleaner meat alternatives”

Cell-cultured coffee developed in Europe: ‘We have proved lab-grown coffee can be a reality’

Website Link (Article by Flora Southey) Europe’s first cup of joe developed from cellular agriculture has been brewed in Finland, with both taste and smell hitting the mark. Cellular agriculture is commonly associated with the production of meat, dairy, and egg proteins. Now, researchers in Finland are turning their attention to another F&B staple: coffee.Continue reading “Cell-cultured coffee developed in Europe: ‘We have proved lab-grown coffee can be a reality’”

World’s first waxed vegan cheese wheels launch in Netherlands

Website Link (Article by Ingredientsnetwork) A Netherlands-based cheesemaker called Max&Bien debuted the world’s first vegan cheese wheel coated in paraffin wax to emulate traditional-style Dutch cheeses. This vegan cheese comes in 1.2-kilogram wheels for cheese and delicatessen stores as well as 150-gram mini-wheels. The cheese itself is made from fermented wheat and comes in threeContinue reading “World’s first waxed vegan cheese wheels launch in Netherlands”

Growing Animal-free Scaffolds for Cell-Cultured Meat

Website Link (Article by Camille Bond) It’s one thing to grow an amorphous blob of muscle or fat cells in a bioreactor—and another thing to recreate the structure of animal tissue. In order to make a complex product like a steak or a salmon fillet, cell-cultured meat producers need to provide their stem cells withContinue reading “Growing Animal-free Scaffolds for Cell-Cultured Meat”

Five Reasons Why Tiger Nut Flour Is The Trendiest Alternative Flour

Website Link (Article by Daphne Ewing-Chow) Tiger nut (or chufa nut) flour, which is ground from tubers that grow on the yellow nutsedge plant, is gaining popularity globally as the perfect substitute for wheat flour, given its gluten-free properties, its status as a super food and its natural sweet taste. The flour, which is madeContinue reading “Five Reasons Why Tiger Nut Flour Is The Trendiest Alternative Flour”

How 3D printing could help save Hong Kong’s coral

Website Link (Article by Rebecca Cairns) With a reputation as a concrete jungle, few know that Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most biodiverse cities and boasts more hard coral species than the Caribbean. But these corals are under threat from pollution and rapid urban development. Co-founded in 2020 by marine biology professor David Baker and PhD student VrikoContinue reading “How 3D printing could help save Hong Kong’s coral”

Mondi: How to Solve the Materials Puzzle

Website Link (Article by Packagingeurope) The challenge of providing packaging that balances resource efficiency with the lowest possible environmental impact is one that every member of the packaging industry is familiar with. There is no ‘perfect’ solution, but in this exclusive article Mondi Group looks at some of the strategies the industry could be employing to helpContinue reading “Mondi: How to Solve the Materials Puzzle”

Opinion: Agri-food industry can play key role in curbing world hunger

Website Link (Article by Leo den Hartog, Jose Villalon) At this time last year, 135 million people across the globe were suffering from acute hunger. But with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this number was projected to double to over a quarter of a billion people across the world. A new report on food security, published by the United Nations this month, hasContinue reading “Opinion: Agri-food industry can play key role in curbing world hunger”

Carob: A ‘super-nutritious, highly sustainable hidden gem’?

Website Link (Article by Katy Askew) Food and ag tech start-up CarobWay is working to help grow the market for carob as a ‘super-nutritious’ and ‘highly sustainable’ food ingredient. Carob is forecast to make a comeback, according to a recent report from food trends AI company Spoonshot​.  The fruit is expected to step out of theContinue reading “Carob: A ‘super-nutritious, highly sustainable hidden gem’?”